GBA Custom Glass Block Grid System

The grid has been very well received by the architectural community. Designed and developed by GBA Architectural Products + Services, the grid showcases the full beauty of Vetropieno Glass Brick, or any glass block pattern you desire, while also providing a luxurious and contemporary look for your project.

Features and benefits

Routinely layed up in mortar, the face thickness of the glass brick is 9 ½” x 2-1/8,” requiring ~ 6.5 glass brick per square foot.

To provide a cleaner appearance and a way to cut customer expenses, GBA has developed a custom grid made of powder coated A36 carbon steel that is hidden within the glass brick. The glass brick are stood on their side so the face thickness is 9 ½” x 4-5/8,” requiring only three glass brick per square foot.

Vetropieno Glass Brick offers four different colors to choose from:

  • Clear
  • Siena
  • Nordica
  • Blue
Vetropieno Blue



Product Case Study

Vetropieno Austin TX

Juul Headquarters
Austin, TX

Adding the feel of luxury and elegance, Juul installed a Vetropieno Glass Brick Grid to their headquarters in Austin, TX.