Tornado Resistant Windows

Feel Safe and Secure Knowing This Window Can Resist Wind Speeds to 250 mph

Highest Standards of performance for FEMA 361 – Air Pressure and Tornado Missile Impact Test

Passed air pressure tests (+309/-413) psf

Easy to install

Our patent pending Tornado-Resistant windows have been tested in accordance with FEMA 361 “Design and Construction Guidelines for Community Safe Rooms”. This high performance window provides effective protection against air pressure and flying debris caused by tornado-force winds.

The Tornado-Resistant Windows provides the needed protection from the elements while letting people see what is happening outside of the shelter. It also allows for day lighting to enter the space which is a benefit both when using the space as a shelter and also as a multipurpose area during other non-critical times.

Tornado-Resistant Windows are the perfect choice for Safe Rooms, Community Shelters, Schools, Corporate Campuses and Government Facilities.

Features and benefits

  • Meets requirements for FEMA 361 “Design and Construction Guidelines for Comtmmity Safe Rooms” and FEMA 320 “Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business”
  • Effective protection against air pressure and flying debris caused by tornado-force winds
  • Factory assembled window provides strength and durability of steel and laminated VISTABRIK® glass block
  • Enhanced security with vision and light transmission
  • Easy to install, which means reduced on-site labor costs
  • Protection from damaging UV rays
  • Available in various sizes
Tornado Resistant Windows

Product Case Study

Tornado Resistant Windows

Sandy Pines Convenience Center
Dorr, MI

Located in a resort campground, Tornado Resistant Windows were installed to ensure that members and guests were adequately protected from an EF-4 tornado with winds speeds of up to 250 mph.