Custom Finishes and Colors Available

Composite Precast Concrete Panels, has been a popular item since its unveiling in the Fall of 2019. Designed and developed by GBA Architectural Products + Services, it has the ability to serve as a beautiful statement to architectural designs.

The panels are built with two pieces of durable fire-resistant half inch-boards, located on both sides of a lightweight insulated material, thus creating the required thickness used for the glass block selection chosen for the project.

The glass blocks are secured in the panels using a high-strength construction adhesive, finished off with a grout joint around the perimeter. The weight of the panel is roughly ~ 10 #’s per square foot, depending on the glass block selected, and the thickness of the panel.

Given the lightweight nature of the Composite Precast Concrete Panels, most individual panels can be set by hand, eliminating the need for lifting equipment.

Composite Precast Concrete Panels are a great option for many types of buildings, especially in an office setting, as the panels give off a professional setting. The panels offer the luxury of utilizing natural lighting, while also providing adequate privacy.

Features and benefits

An enormous perk for Composite Precast Concrete Panels is the flexibility to make the panels fit your specific project.

The finished texture gives the look and feel of a standard concrete finish, typically grey in color. Custom finishes and colors are also available, giving the option to fit with many different room environments.

The panels are available with many different glass block sizes, patterns and shapes.

The panels can be used as a basis for walls, as well as ceiling panels. Multiple panels can be mulled together to fit your project requirement, assuring the flexibility for the panels to fit your required dimensions.

Composite Panel


Product Case Study

Composite Precase Concrete Panels

Toronto Business Office
Toronto, ON

To add extra personality and natural light to the office, this company installed Composite Precast Concrete Panels, adding a luxurious feel to the workplace.