Our innovative and earth-friendly structural glass products are the best in the industry. From high traffic exterior walkways to fire rated glass floors, we have the right product and expertise to provide you with the design and functionality you’re looking for.

We specialize in furnishing and installing glass paver and precast concrete panel systems, glass bullet and cast iron panel systems, glass paver and metal panel systems and plank glass and metal panel systems.

IBP GlassWalk Floor Systems are another one of our specialties. We have furnished and installed hundreds of these unique floor systems all across the country.

These unique flooring materials allows light to transfer from one space to another. There are many ways to incorporate structural glass into a space. From glass decks to roof lights and walkable skylights we can customize manufacturing to each specification.

  • Cast Iron Panels with Glass Bullets
  • Precast Concrete with Glass Pavers
  • Walkable Glass Skylights
  • Structural Glass Floors and Bridges
  • Glass Stair Treads
  • Glass Plank with Steel Frame