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Anyone who's ever experienced a hurricane or tornado understands the type of damaging wind that comes with them. But the true danger from these storms isn't only the powerful winds, it's the flying debris. Hurricane & Tornado Resistant Glass Block Windows are a great solution.

When dealing with facilities such as Safe Rooms, Community Shelters, Schools and Government Facilities, it is imperative they provide protection against these hazardous conditions while also meeting the right aesthetic. With glass block you're able to meet both of these requirements and more.

Core Benefits of Glass Block

  • Visually stunning, pre-fabricated panels that simplify installation
  • No need for shutters
  • Customizable to meet project needs
  • Guaranteed to meet performance requirements
  • Useful for daylighting strategies and can contribute to LEED points
  • Protects against flying debris and hurricane force winds
  • Available with a range of visibility and privacy options
  • Graffiti-resistant, damage-resistant and easy to clean
  • Greater security than conventional windows


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