Glass Block Solar Wall Tubes

Solar Wall Tubes are an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to let light into a building that is built with multi-wythe walls. The Solar Wall Tubes replace standard masonry units and allows light transmission for LEED contribution. Daylighting is increasingly important in buildings today. The more daylight that enters a room, the less energy needed by the electrical systems in the building. Daylighting also has a positive effect on mood, atmosphere, and productivity

Features and benefits

Superior Thermal Performance

Solar Wall Tubes from Seves Glass Block are available in various sizes with your choice of privacy levels. They are thermally broken and thus provide improved thermal performance. They are easy to install and are self-supporting when installed in a running bond wall. Do not install in stack bond CMU walls unless a lintel or bond beam is provided.

Solar Wall Tubes are available in 8″and 16″ modules in various depths to meet wall thickness requirements.

Maximum Daylighting

Solar Wall Tubes are perfect for commercial building walls where you want to bring in light without compromising the masonry look and feel of the building. The Glass Block Solar Wall Tubes mirror-like finish magnifies and reflects the light and solves many design issues related to single or double glass block installations in multi-wythe wall construction. It allows the architectural look of a single or double glass blocks on both sides of a thick wall. It provides a visually aesthetic look in the hollow area between the glass blocks.

As with single unit glass blocks, installation includes proper sealing between the edges of the wall and the tube on both the exterior and interior walls.

Solar Wall Tubes