Case Study Project Overview

It's not often that a large construction project offers the kind of art representation this one does along with an array of design challenges... and a 12 foot hot dog. So when this came to us, we just couldn't wait to get started.

Architect DI Domenico + Partners, LLP
Artist Robert Morris
Products Customized Vistabrik® Glass Block & Laticrete 3701

Our Process

This project was as fun as it was challenging, and lucky for us, that’s right up our alley. It was not only important to create a unique artistic expression that not only utilized eco-friendly building products, but also was created to stand strong into the next century.

During a thoughtful design process we learned that by using VistaBrik® glass pavers and a unique customized interlayer, it would be possible to meet all the structural demands and still allow for much needed natural light to make this art driven wall really glow.

After two years of shipping glass block back and forth to Germany and tactful project management, our job was complete. Left standing was the largest installation of its kind in the country featuring over five-thousand square feet of VistaBrik® glass, a ferris wheel, and a twelve foot hot dog.

  • More than 300 Curvilinear Feet of Glass Brick
  • My Coney Island Baby” Artwork by Artist Robert Morris
  • Customized Interlayer by Mayer of Munich