Case Study Project Overview

The addition of glass block to a dingy kennel or pet shelter can reduce the harmful effects of limited visibility on animals. As pet lovers, we were enthusiastic about utilizing this new and exciting concept for glass block. After all, it's not often that we have the chance to tackle a project whose end user is a furry friend.

Architect Multatech Architects and Engineers
Contractor Pete & Mac's Pet Resort
Products SEVES 8x8x3 Nubio, Tempered Glass Doors, Metal Frames

Our Process

These kennels needed to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, so glass block was the perfect solution. Each kennel was also equipped with a durable tempered glass door to provide more visibility and natural light for the animals. The metal frames were finished with a high-quality powder coat to make them extra resistant to pet stains and cleaning chemicals.

“Pete & Mac’s Pet Resorts has utilized glass block for the last 20 years to build the rooms our guests stay in while lodging. We have found that glass block is the best material to use for several reasons; easy to clean and disinfect, light enhancing and does not allow for any cross mingling or contamination. When we started working with GBA they took our design, enhanced features and provided a world class product. Already working on another resort with GBA and we look forward to many more to come.” – Gay Barwald, Pete & Mac’s Pet Resort