Medina Glass Block

GBA Architectural Products + Services was founded in 1985 by Jeff Boesch of Medina, Ohio in his family’s garage. A few years later he was joined by his younger brother Steve, and eventually his older brother Chuck joined the business. Together the three brothers used their different skill sets to make GBA the successful and highly respected company that it is today.

GBA started off as a small business focusing on supplying and installing glass block basement windows in Northeast Ohio. Over the years our scope of work has broadened to high performance glass block, structural glass and walkable skylights.

We are a specialty contractor that has the ability and experience to complete any size glass block or structural glass project. We now concentrate on high end homes and commercial buildings all over the United States and beyond.

We are extremely proud of where our business began and where it is now. We still keep the small business mentality of treating our customers with utmost respect. We start every project, conversation and thought with our clients in mind. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, installations, project management and everything in between so we can tailor our services to you.

If your project requires glass block or any type of structural horizontal glass, please give us a call.

“As a specialized mason, GBA was more knowledgeable and more professional in that genre of masonry than anyone else. Their staff was very professional and provided all required information in a timely fashion. The quality of work exceeded our expectations! They coordinated well in the field with the General Contractor and our foreman.”

– Rick D’Aprile – Executive Vice President, Rad and D’Aprile, Inc.