Glass Block in Denver

Glass Block in Denver: We’ve installed many glass block projects throughout the country, and it would make a great debate to decide on a favorite region that we’ve worked on. New York City has amazing cultures, not to mention some fun projects we’ve completed, such as the flagship store of COACH and St Anne’s Warehouse. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is an amazing area that’s seen magnificent growth over the years. We had the pleasure of working there over the summer. When you work in Honolulu, Hawaii, does it really still classify as work? But we’ve done projects there too.

Among the top tier of locations has to be the sheer beauty of Denver, Colorado. We recently did an assignment about 10 miles south in Littleton. With the amazing Rocky Mountains, it’s definitely among our favorites.


Estes Park

Glass Block in Denver

Our assignment was a gorgeous glass block wall installation for the Sky Pointe Retirement Resort. Being built as a rounded wall structure, the most difficult part of the process is perfecting the tough layout. The layout requires being proportioned at exactly 180 degrees. This requires planning and detail, and probably more than anything: patience. But when you get it right, it comes out perfectly circular.

The wall was built with Nubio 4”x 8”x 4” (width x height x thickness) Seves Glassblock. A total of 456 pieces of the glass block were used to build the project. The perks of using Nubio are the wavy undulations in the glass; they provide maximum light transmission with subtle visual distortion. Not to mention they’re beautiful.

Among the biggest challenges is having the required supplies at your disposal. We fly in with all of our personal tools, but inevitably, with the logistics of travelling through flight, you’re going to be limited with what you have. The glass block on the other hand is shipped in on a pallet along with the cement.

With a two-man crew, this wall was finished in about 15 hours. This was a relatively time-friendly project. Larger projects can take many weeks.


Glass Block in Denver


The Future of the Project

The developer and contractor for Sky Pointe Retirement Resort is Cameron General Contractors. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them on similar retirement projects throughout the country. You can view the progress of the facility at their company website. They do incredible work.

According to A Place for Mom, a website to help families find senior housing options, the facility is projected to be opened in early 2020. The glass block structure will serve as the entrance to a 150-seat state of the art theater.


Glass Block Theater


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