The Finishing Touch on Your Glass Block Project

It is no secret that glass block is a dynamic, adaptable building material that can be used to create everything from desks to partition walls to pet kennels. With hundreds of patterns, shapes and finishes available to designers and architects, the possibilities are virtually endless when working with glass block.

Building professionals know that finishing touches are an essential element of any project. From flooring and window frames to lighting fixtures and paint, finishes give a home or building its defining life and character.

Such is the case with a glass block project. Whether installing windows or partition walls, finishes provide the final touch to any project. Fortunately, a variety of options are available to provide the final touches to any glass block project.



Endblock is glass block that is designed with finishes in mind. An endblock is shaped to give a more finished, cohesive look to glass block structures such as partition walls or shower enclosures. A variety of endblock shapes are available to meet the needs of any project.

Linear Endblock
Linear endblock are designed with a round, finished edge that is ideal for jamb top conditions.

Cortina Endblock


Curved Endblock
Curved endblock have a rounded shape that can create a complete finished edge when used with linear endblock.

Ardesia Ter Curvo


Cut Corner Endblock
A newer endblock option, cut corner block is created with a 90-degree angle to maintain the continuity of the glass block surface. Cut corner endblock is ideal for creating walls with right angled floor plans.

Nubio Cut Corner


Glass Caps

Glass caps are small glass tiles that are used on the tops and sides of the tops and sides of glass block to provide a cohesive, all-glass look and feel. The glass caps can be used on the exposed edges of any creation, including partition walls and shower stalls.



When creating glass block windows, a variety of options are available for framing. According to, common window framing options include wood, aluminum, and vinyl.

  • Wood: Wooden window frames are the considered the most classic style but require the most maintenance throughout their lifetime. With an endless variety of woods and stain colors available, they are highly customizable and versatile.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum window frames are lightweight, durable and strong. They do not absorb water, making them resistant to rusting and rotting.
  • Vinyl: Low maintenance and durable, vinyl window frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles.


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