The Safety and Durability of Fire Rated Glass Block

Attractive, durable, energy-efficient, and capable of opening up dead and dark spaces, fire rated glass block is endowed with inherent fire-resistant properties. In many fire-safe buildings, fire rated glass block structural components furnish an additional level of safety that wood and drywall cannot. Whether for interior walls, stairwells, flooring, or exterior cladding and windows, structural fire rated glass block adds pleasing aesthetics and light while providing an added measure of fire protection.

Fire rated glass block is available in a range of textures and degrees of transparency for privacy and safety.

What are Fire Ratings for Architecture?

Fire ratings for architectural components are assigned time increments determined during rigorous laboratory conditions. The rating indicates the length of time the material can resist heat before degrading and exposing interior objects. SEVES Glass Block from GBA is available with UL fire ratings of 45-, 60-, and 90-minute ratings.

According to the website, glass block is exposed to a propane gas-fired furnace for various periods according to procedures set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and The American Society for Testing and Materials Standard E119. The survival period determines the fire rating. Glass block that resists the fire’s impact for ninety minutes is thereby award a 90-minute rating.

Popular Applications

Besides fire safety, light transmission is an important feature of glass block construction. While admitting energy-saving natural light, glass block walls allow occupants to see their location during evacuation for fire or other present dangers.

Architects recognize that glass block is durable and secure while admitting light. The material is popular for applications like rowhouses, garden homes, patio homes, and townhomes.

How Safe is Fire Rated Glass Block?

SEVES Glass Block, the world’s leading glass block manufacturer for architecture and construction, produces fire resistant glass block in classes of 45-, 60-, and 90- minute fire resistance that retains structural stability and strength while protecting occupants and objects from flames, smoke, forcible entry, and dangerous gasses.

As part of their Technology Line, SEVES fire rated glass block is available from GBA Architectural Products + Services. Besides fire resistance, products in this group of state-of-the-art glass block products are noise resistant, graffiti resistant, bullet and projectile proof, and secure.

Style Combined with Safety

SEVES fire rated glass block is distributed by GBA Architectural Products + Services with ratings of 45-, 60-, and 90-minutes. These products, useful for both interior and exterior applications, are available in several sizes, designs, and styles to match any architect’s imagination.

SEVES Glass Block Design Options from GBA

SEVES glass block styles are available in wavy or smooth surfaces, with three different finishes for privacy and light control.

  • Premiere Series: The 45-minute fire rated glass block offers the most design options of patterns sizes and shapes. Patterns for Premiere are Nubio, Light-Diffusing, Large Gross, Clarity®, Cortina®, Regent®, and Arctic®.


  • Thickset® 60 Series: This 60-minute fire rated glass block option is thicker block than Premiere and offers reduced sound transmitting properties. The block is available in Nubio®, Clarity®, and Spray® patterns at a face thickness of 0.375”


  • Thickset® 90 Series: Rated by UL at 90 minutes if fire resistance, this product is also available in a range of styles and is graded at a higher level of sound transmission. The nominal thickness is 3.75”. Styles available are Nubio®, Clarity®, and Endura®.


  • VistaBrik®: The ultimate in security and safety, VistaBrik is a full 3-inches thick yet allows as much natural light as desired while capable of deterring firearm projectiles, hurricane and tornado-force flying objects, and forcible entry. The product is available in a variety of styles and patterns.

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