How to Specify Glass Floors for Your Next Project

For architects and interior designers, clear and translucent glass floor features have become an essential consideration for indoor or outdoor applications. Beautiful, durable, and safe, high-quality, structural glass floors allow natural and artificial light to pass through to the next level to reduce energy costs substantially while creating exciting diffusions of light.

Glass floors can be used to open up areas for pedestrian traffic without creating a “dead space” below. Clear flooring can create compelling, unobstructed views of attractions below. Moreover, the openness and broader light diffusion help create the sense of more significant unobstructed space in a building or residence.

Safety Considerations

Glass flooring is safe to walk on. Many modern buildings, some of the tallest in the world, have installed glass floors to allow for enhanced observation and open space. Other buildings have added glass floors to intensify the beauty and style of the structure. Moreover, many others have introduced glass flooring to reduce energy costs by allowing light to pass through to other levels.

The density of the glass flooring products and proven application processes create a robust support system capable of handling standard loads.

As with any material used for buildings and homes, glass systems must pass all local and International building codes and regulations.

Beautiful, Stylish, and Aesthetically Pleasing

Modern architectural glass is available in several shades and colors, shapes and thicknesses, and degrees of transparency. Glass block and brick construction are becoming very popular worldwide as a building strategy. In some cases, award-winning buildings clad entirely in glass block are setting new standards for style and elegance. The Puck Building in New York, Barcelona Airport, Hannover (Germany) Train Station, Hermes Headquarters, Stillwell Avenue MTA Station in New York, and many more have employed glass in virtually every aspect of exterior and interior construction. Not only does the glass exterior present a bright and everchanging appearance outside, but glass used within imparts a unique and exciting aura. Glass floors and stairways allow the light from other spaces to pass through, creating an ever-changing, yet controllable effect.

Whether glass floors are installed in an entire room, hallway, or in smaller sections, the flooring can be customized. Available in a complete range of colors, textures, shapes, and degrees of transparency, glass flooring product options are almost limitless. GBA Architectural Products + Services offers several approved glass flooring and exterior options. These include:

  • Cast Iron Panels with Glass Bullets
  • Precast Concrete with Glass Pavers
  • Walkable Glass Skylights
  • Structural Glass Floors and Bridges
  • Glass Stair Treads
  • Glass Plank with Steel Frame

No matter what your architectural glass application may be, GBA’s experts can provide an ideal solution.

Water Proof and Water Resistant

Glass architectural products are dense and waterproof. As with any window, glass surfaces repel water. With concrete and wood flooring, water eventually penetrates the surface causing long-term staining and even deterioration of the surfaces.

To eliminate slipping on glass floors, glass frits, a ceramic material, can be infused into the glass flooring to create a non-slip texture on the glass surface.

Interior or Exterior Usage

Glass is an ideal building material for many applications. Architects all over the world have embraced the beauty, durability, strength, and the ability to transfer light from one space to another as needed. Glass flooring can be translucent, thereby obscuring the view from below while still allowing plenty of natural and artificial light to pass through.

Insulated Glass Available

Glass floors are not only energy efficient due to their ability to reduce the electrical power to illuminate a building, but insulated glass flooring materials also restrict the transfer of energy from floor to floor or from inside to outside. Much as insulated glass windows work, glass flooring is designed to prevent heat or energy loss while maintaining a constant temperature.


Glass flooring is more sustainable than concrete, asphalt, or metal products. Since the principal component of glass is sand, an abundant surface material, glass production uses less energy to produce than many   other construction materials.

Also, glass flooring products are fully recyclable after use.

Other Advantages of Glass Flooring Products from GBA

Glass, by its nature, has several other advantages over other architectural materials. Types of glass can be specified that are:

  • Fire resistant
  • Sound muffling
  • Light-controllable: transmittance, diffusion, and direction
  • Bullet resistance
  • Luminosity for safety
  • Heavy load bearing capabilities
    • Can withstand vehicular and foot traffic

GBA Glass Architectural Material Suppliers

GBA Architectural Products + Services is partners with world-class glass flooring companies. Their glass flooring products include solid glass pavers, planks, bullets, plus solid pavers and insulated glass. These components are factory-glazed and placed in frames of precast concrete, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron. All individual panels are formed within strict tolerances for strength and durability.

GBA’s range of flooring options include:

  • Glass Paver and Precast Concrete Panel Systems
  • Glass Bullet and Cast Iron Panel Systems
  • Glass Bullet and Composite Panel Systems
  • Glass Paver and Metal Panel Systems
  • Plank Glass and Metal Panel Systems
  • Solar White™ Glass Block and Metal Panel Systems
  • Elite Glass™ and Internal Metal Panel Systems

Another high-quality glass flooring supplier-partner to GBA Architectural Products is IBP Glasswalk™. The company specializes in glass pavers and stair tread systems. All systems are custom made and easy to install.

IBP’s product line includes:

  • Glasswalk 8” Paver Systems
  • Glasswalk SG Structural Glass Floor Systems
  • Galsswalk ST Stair Tread Systems

GBA Architectural Products + Services offers a full range of sustainable and attractive glass solutions for exterior walkways, stair steps, and fire-rated flooring. Products include glass pavers and pre-cast concrete panel systems, glass bullet and cast iron panel systems, and glass paver or plank glass with metal panel systems.

Also, GBA’s glass decks, roof lights, and walkable skylights offer unique and attention-grabbing features to any construction.

To Specify Glass Flooring for Your Project

Contact GBA Architectural Products and Services to discuss the benefits, installation, and maintenance of glass pavers, plank glass, glass bullet, and glass floor systems. Partners of industry leaders in glass flooring products, GBA can provide solutions for glass decks, roof lights, walkable skylights, and other structural   glass walking areas.

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