SEVES is Changing the Glass Block Industry

For decades, glass block has been considered a reliable and functional material used to create a stable, translucent surface that provides a durable barrier while admitting light. Manufactured with durability that incorporates the light admission qualities of glass windows, modern glass block walls offer optimal levels of both light and privacy for any interior or exterior application.

The world is taking notice of the beauty and practicality of today’s glass block products. According to a January 2018 article, Business Wire report, glass block sales are projected to grow at a 7% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2018 and 2022.

SEVES: The Leader in Glass Block Technology

The SEVES Mission: Using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, SEVES Glass Block, manufactured in the Czech Republic in an area known for its glass production, is positively changing the image of glass block into an exciting, functional option for interior designers and architects. Using modern equipment and sophisticated manufacturing techniques, SEVES combines ancient glass coloring methods with systems control to produce multiple style options.

SEVES highly sophisticated glass block product line offers the most extensive range of stylistic and durable products for both exterior and interior uses. A world-class producer of glass products for home and office architecture, SEVES is changing the global perception of glass block as both creative design and durable construction element. By offering a full spectrum of color, a variety of shapes, differing degrees of transparency, varying surface textures, plus unique designs and technical features, SEVES Glass Block will enhance the elegance and style of any room or exterior.

Masonry, wood, and metal do provide sturdy and secure structural exteriors and, of course, standard glass windows allow light. Alternatively, beautiful and functional glass blocks offer both security and light along with extra measures of beauty to any space.

SEVES Glass Blocks do more. Besides conducting light to create an array of stunning effects, glass block can be fire resistant, sound insulating, bullet-resistant, and secure. Glass block is also not only practical and stylish, but the material is energy efficient. By managing the degree of light emitted, glass blocks can magically add volume and depth to any confining space. SEVES Glass Block technology provides undeniable beauty and value to home and building owners.

SEVES Impact on the Glass Block Industry

SEVES principal objective is to “maximize the potential of glass blocks by transforming them from marginal, traditional construction elements into an artistic expression of light and space.”

As the global leader in glass block technology, SEVES designers and engineers combine the latest in glass technology with unique architectural design sophistication to produce imaginative and creative products that suit any preference. The choices range from purely basic, utilitarian block to highly sophisticated and stylish applications of differing thickness, shapes, and shades of bold and vibrant colors.

SEVES glass block products act as the catalyst to blend shape, surface texture, and color into aesthetically pleasing light patterns.

SEVES Product Lines

To meet the diverse requirements of architects and interior designers, SEVES has divided their creative glass block solutions into three categories:

Design: Inspired by functionality, creativity, style, and innovation, SEVES glass blocks add more tools to the creative palettes of architects and interior designers.

Technology: With variable thicknesses and formats, SEVES glass block engineering merges science and art to create high security, low energy options for both multi-story buildings as well as low-rise, horizontal structures.

Basic: For home interiors, SEVES Basic line is anything but basic. Primarily monochromatic to permit the uniform passage of light, products featured in this group are also offered in varying thicknesses and soft shades of vibrant colors.

Groundbreaking Solutions with SEVES Glass Block

Attractive, Functional, and Innovative

Many well-known, award-winning buildings have been constructed nearly entirely from SEVES Glass Block systems. Some of these are the Barcelona Airport Terminal, The Reception Center of Taichung (Taiwan), Guillemins Railway Station (Belgium), Beck’s Logistics Centre (Germany), and more. Each building is striking in its glass block cladding, unique shape, and light emitting qualities.

SEVES products are not only for massive, stand-alone eye-popping structures. In the home or office, glass block partitions and accents create a unique ambiance with style and will notably brighten any room.

  • Throughout SEVES’ extensive portfolio of innovative glass block designs, beauty and style are always the driving force. This objective is no more apparent than in the SEVES’ unique collection of Design Pegasus Metallised glass products.The metallising process creates depth and luminosity that standard glass block cannot match. Available in smooth or wavy surface designs and a broad choice of colors and shades, these glass blocks are perfect for walls and partitions to create a stunning accent to any room.
  • SEVES’ Mendini Collection is a vibrant collection of stunning designs incorporating a choice of 16 brilliant colors. These elegant, handmade glass blocks are perfect for both office and home accent walls.
  • The Doric Q19 Collection is the first 3-dimensional glass design inspired by the stately and straightforward Doric column design of the ancient Greeks. The horizontal or vertical linear patterns create interesting optical illusions and add interest and creativity to any room.
  • Vetropieno Glass Bricks offer colorfully accented partitions and windows that provide privacy while allowing light to pass from one area to the next. Available in rectangular or square units, Vetropieno bricks are available in clear, blue, siena, and nordica shades, and can be installed in a stack bond or as a running bond.

Sustainable Energy Management

Glass Block from SEVES is far more than a construction material. Their products provide high thermal insulation values with exceptional energy retention in the winter and minimal heat gain in warm weather. As a further commitment to sustainability, SEVES has even introduced a photovoltaic glass block pavers that captures and retains solar energy in a high capacity battery that can power LED Lighting during the night time.

Shapes and Sizes

The Design, Basic, and Technology Lines of SEVES offers several shapes and sizes for differing effects. Among these are square and rectangle, rounded, and even trapezoidal products in sizes to fit any application.

Check the SEVES Website for Building and Decorating Ideas

SEVES products are cutting edge, high-tech options that offer creative solutions for virtually any space. Liven up your living and work areas with the color, light, and unique artistic properties of SEVES glass block. Whether for safety, durability, beauty, or energy conservation, glass block can be the perfect solution.

Spend time viewing the SEVES website at for innovative ideas.


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