Case Study Project Overview

21C Museum Hotels have been building some of the best new hotels on the planet, so it's no wonder their architects and designers came up with such an elegant application for patterned glass block

Architect Hornbeek Blatt
Contractor Advanced Masonry Services
Products Parallel Fluted Argus Glass Block

Our Process

The functionality of the Argus Glass Block in this application could not be beat. Once the design kinks were worked through, we were able to provide the perfect system to withstand high traffic use and give a stunning interior design element in an already spectacular hotel.

  • 5000 Square Feet of Glass Block
  • Multiple 3 Story Light Wells
  • Custom Design


“GBA Products has a great group of people that back the product. From the jump, it was easy to get the information needed especially dealing with the difficulties of a Zero Lot Line Community. Made my job easy when GBA put together a proposed materials needed list together for me to help. When the opportunity arises again, I know I will not hesitate to reach out to this great team.”

Justin Holloway Acme Brick

“When we started working with GBA they took our design, enhanced the features and provided a world class product. We are already working on another resort with GBA and we look forward to many more to come.”

Gay Barwald Pete & Mac's Pet Resorts

“As a specialized mason, GBA was more knowledgeable and more professional in that genre of masonry than anyone else. Their staff was very professional and provided all required information in a timely fashion. The quality of work exceeded our expectations! They coordinated well in the field with the General Contractor and our foreman.”

Rick D’Aprile, Executive Vice President Rad and D'Aprile, Inc.